Video - The Socio-Economic Impacts of the Syrian Conflict, Four Years On

The Syrian Conflict , four years on! What are the repercussions of the Syrian Refugees Crisis on Lebanon? How the impacts are being translated on the socio-economic, humanitarian and educational levels? Report produced by the Lebanese Economic Association and Friedrich Naumann Foundation - Beirut Office. This project is done by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation - Lebanon and the Lebanese Economic Association (LEA)

Introduction to Liberalism for Syrian Refugees

The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Liberty held a two days workshop on Liberalism for Syrian Refugees, the event took part last weekend, 18th and 19th of September 2015 at Belle-Vue Hotel, Amman. Participants were a selection of Syrian refugees from Aqaba, Ma’an, Tafileh, Karak, Al Shouneh and Jerash, who participated in our previous workshops on Democracy and Human Rights. the workshop was held with the help of the trainers Mrs. May Shalabieh and Mr. Yazan AL Azzam.

Violence Against Women workshops - Zarqa

The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Liberty, in partnership with the Family Protection Department-Public Security Directorate of Jordan, held a workshop on “Violence against Women – Types, Precautions and Offers of Help”, on the 18thof August 2015, in AlDhuha Associations in Zarqa 50 Kilometers east from Amman.

A combined group of Syrian and Jordanian women took part in these workshops, which come as a part of the foundation’s project with Syrian refugees and the host communities in Jordan and Lebanon.


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