Preparing Strategies for Political Parties Representation at the local Governance

In the efforts of building up the capacities of the political parties in Jordan, FNF-Amman organized a workshop entitled; Preparing Strategies for Political Parties Representation at the local Governance, that aimed at strengthen the capacities of political parties’ member in the fields of strategic planning and campaigning.  The workshop took place on tenth of November 2015 in the governorate of Zarqa, with twenty one participants representing seven political parties.

“Syrian Pupils in Beqaa - Challenges for Education and Society” Conference

September 5, 2015

Massabki Hotel – Chtaura.

“Education shall be accessible to all on the basis of merit” (Article 26 UDHR) simple, short and direct expression however its implementation on the ground can be complicated and sometimes impossible.

Some chocking numbers are worth to be mentioned. From around 400,000 Syrian School-aged Children, only between 14 and 16.5% are enrolled in educational institutions, after four years of refuge in Lebanon.

“Creating a Future of Prosperity: The U.S. Jordanian Partnership"

Jordan Times -  16 November 2015 

AMMAN — Investments in youth entrepreneurship and education are powerful means to combat violent extremism, US Ambassador to Jordan Alice G. Wells said Sunday.

“We’ve seen how violent extremists are exploiting and tapping into the frustration of our youth,” Wells said at a session on US-Jordanian partnership, highlighting job creation as key to shared prosperity and security.

Strategic Solutions to our Energy Problems – A New Energy Mix for Jordan?

On the 16th and 17th of October, thirty young Jordanians met with three energy experts to discuss the situation and potentials for energy in Jordan in workshop organized by Friedrich Naumann Foundation – Amman and supported by the German Federal Foreign Office. The workshop that was organized under the title; “Strategic Solutions to our Energy Problems – A New Energy Mix for Jordan?” aimed at educating young Jordanian activists on the situation of the energy in Jordan, the issues and the potentials.

Responding to the New Elctoral Law – A New Strategy for the Political Parties

October 14, 2015

Princess Basma Centre, Karak

Based on local political developments in Jordan, most notably the draft electoral law that was submitted by the Jordanian government recently, and the desire of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation in promoting the participation of political parties in the current ongoing political dialogue in Jordan, a specialized workshop was organized targeting members of Political Parties in the South of Jordan.

Proceedings of the Workshop

Strategic Counseling – Positioning of Jordan's Political Parties towards Parliamentary Elections in 2016

Amman, October 18, 2015

The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Liberty organized a workshop with representatives of five political parties in Jordan under the title “Strategic Counseling -Positioning of Jordan's Political Parties towards Parliamentary Elections in 2016”. This workshop was held after the Jordanian Government presented the draft of a new ‘Electoral Law’ which opens opportunities for a strong role of political parties. Now they have to prepare themselves for the upcoming elections which are supposed to take place end of next year.


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