Teaching Conflict Resolution Skills to young Syrian Refugees in the Beqaa

Every week-end a bus in the Beqaa collects young Syrian refugees and takes them to a session about "Conflict Resolution Skills". This week-end it stopped in Bar Elias, a Lebanese town nearing the Syrian border a home of 11,000 Lebanese and a haven to 75,000 Syrian Refugee. It is an initiative of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation and her counterpart "Sada al Beqaa" (Echo of the Beqaa") a humanitarian NGO in Jib Janine. A Lebanese-Syrian group of youth which has been trained by FNF and the "Lebanese Conflict Resolution Network" (LCRN) is now training conflict resolution skills to young Syrian refugees. The youth named their bus "AutoPeace", the English spelling of the Arabic word "autobees" for a bus.

The large number of Syrian refugees causes a situation of stress in infrastructure and services and of tension in human relations. In this situation, the mixed group of Lebanese and Syrian Youth wants to contribute to ease the situation and help Syrian refugee youth to deal with tension and conflict which are somehow inevitable in the extraordinary situation which the Syrin Crisis has caused in Lebanon and in the other host countries. The pictures show the bus and the group in front of the "Bessma" Center in Bar Elias , which hosted the activity this week-end of March 29 2015.

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