Political Parties Agenda 2016

The Friedrich Naumann Foundation held a planning meeting with the leadership of the political parties participating in the Supporting the Political Reform in Jordan- Strengthening of Political Parties and Promotion of Civil Society Participation. The Meeting took place on the 3rd of February 2016 in the Kempinski Hotel in Amman.

The National Current Party, National Union Party, Hasad Party, Tawad Party and Stronger Jordan Party leaders participated in the meeting that aimed to engage the political parties’ leadership in the plan 2016, get their feedback on the activities 2015, assess their needs for the 2016, Learn about their plans for the election and to discuss the cooperation with them.

At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Ulrich Wacker, the Resident Representative of FNF in Jordan, Welcomed the participants and talked about the work of FNF with political parties and the lines of activities and support the FNF can provide for the political parties in Jordan.

From their side, the participants thanked FNF for the work and effort that they are doing to support the work of political parties, Stressing on the importance of the role played by FNF, which is almost unique, and the the quality of the programs and activities offered by FNF. Then they discussed the five lines of activities of FNF; Civic Education, Political Counseling, Study Tours, Political Dialogue and the International Academy of Leadership Seminars. The participants suggested that FNF; provide more workshops in the Governorates, help parties in building strategies media, Local Economic Development,  qualifying the political parties candidates for election and Encourage party participants to disseminate the message within the party. They also suggested that FNF focus the activities of 2016 on building strategies for the Election, Coalition Building, how to make them work, the technical details of the electoral system and campaign management for political parties.  

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