Good Governance, Freedom, and its Relation to Human Rights

As an advanced level Workshop in civic education with Syrian refugees, the Friedrich Naumann Foundation held a workshop last weekend under the Title “Good Governance, Freedom and its relation to Human Rights”. Participants were selected from our several basic workshops on Democracy and Human Rights took place this year in different areas in Jordan.

After an introduction and Icebreaking session, participants revised with the trainers, Mr. Mohammad Al Nasser and Mr. Issa Al Maraziq the content of the first workshop, which was about Democracy, Human Rights and Rule of Law. The first session of this workshop was on the mechanisms guarding human rights, which talked about procedures the governments and United Nations take to guard these rights, and the role of civil society organizations in monitoring and reporting violations.  

The Workshop contained sessions on four elements of Good Governance. Rule of Law was discussed in the first workshop, in this workshop participants were introduced to Participation, Responsiveness, Transparency and Accountability.

The Participants were introduced to the concepts of Liberty by Mrs. May Shalabieh, at the beginning of the session participants were asked,” What is Freedom to you?” some of them linked freedom with the right to express themselves, Participant Amer Al Awad, from Tafieleh described it as “a main basic element in life, which gives you the feeling of being human, and value in your society”. Then participants discussed among themselves and with the trainers the basic concepts of liberty, such as individual freedom, Free Market, Competitiveness, and responsibility, and how these concepts are linked and integrated in each other.  

The workshop was concluded by group exercises, participants were divided into two groups were each group have made a small play on the good governance aspects that were mentioned in the workshop.   

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