Entrepreneurship and Economic Policies in Jordan

Employment for Youth - Entrepreneurship and Economic Policies in Jordan was the topic of the youth workshop that was held by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation on Saturday 19th, March in Amman, in which young Jordanian have participated.

The goal of the workshop was to educate the participants on the employment policies in Jordan and to introduce to them the official and non-official programs that help youth getting in the labor market.

The workshop started with a talk by Mr. Hamad Abdullah, Deputy Director of Employment and Training at the Ministry of Labour, presenting the goals of the National Strategy for Employment. He pointed out that Jordan’s top priority is creating an adequate quantity and quality of jobs. Further Mr. Abdullah said that labour market is currently suffering from structural and growing unemployment, especially among youth, low labour force participation, especially among women and failure to follow through on labour initiatives to create an appropriate institutional environment for policy formation and evaluation.

In the second session Ms. Ghaeer Khuffash presented the work of the Jordan Education for Employment. She said that JEFE is committed to providing Jordanian youth with the resources they need to create a better future for themselves, their communities, and the world.  She introduced the mission of Jordan Education for Employment (JEFE) which is to create economic opportunities for Jordanian youth to empower them to make a viable living, support themselves and contribute to Jordan's future economic development. The programs of JEFE fit into three main categories which are employability programs, technical training and entrepreneurship programs. JEFE offers the youth for example in the Labor Law program that educate youth about Jordanian labor rights and policies that directly affect them or the Technical Information and Communication Technology Training (ICT) that aims to train and mentor youth entering the ICT field

The last presentation was delivered by Mr. Saed Younes, a Jordanian Entrepreneur, who held a presentation on the power of entrepreneurship and how entrepreneurs can influence its policies. Entrepreneurship has become one of the most important and the most powerful sources of income, a reason for the development of societies and increasing workforce, so developing countries are working to increase the number of entrepreneurs in their communities to support small and medium enterprises as a policy for the local economy development.

After the presentations, the participants discussed with the speakers the issues of the high percentage of unemployment in Jordan with the high percentage of the foreign labor, the permission to Syrian refugees to enter the Jordanian labor market, the official plans for training and the training programs for this year, as well as, the economic policies and strategies that encourage youth employment and entrepreneurship.

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