The "Drops of Hope" Initiative - Lebanese and Syrian Refugee Women learn and teach together

"How can we prevent the early marriage of our girls ?" "What can we do to keep our refugee tents fit to live in with our families ?" "How do we want to improve our living conditions as refugees in Lebanon ?"

After a mixed group of Lebanese and Syrian Woman had been trained by FNF and the "Lebanese Conflict Resolution Network" (LCRN) on Conflict Resolution Skills as well as Group Facilitation Techniques they decided to organize themselves and to use the skills for teaching other Syrian refugee women in the Western Beqaa Area. The group of women gave itself the name " قطرات الأمل " (Drops of Hope) and is now organizing every week-end issues of their competence, which are Family Organization, Early Marriage, Children Violence, Vaccination, Sexual Harassment, Challenges of Education. The group is cooperating with Lebanese experts as speakers and contributes their newly acquired skills in moderation and methodology of group work and group dynamics. The awareness workshops have an auditory of Syrian Refugees and Lebanese Women residents of the area of Jib Janine in the West Bekaa. The group of women has been established within the work of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation and her counterpart "Sada al Beqaa" (Echo of the Beqaa) a humanitarian NGO in Jib Janine.

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